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Sorry Poems

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I’m Sorry

You’re going through a tough time,
and “I’m sorry” just isn’t enough
to express the way i feel.

But maybe if i told you
I believe in you
and i know your strengths
and i know you’ll be okay,
it’ll help you see yourself
the way i see you…

Game On Trap

My mind began to wander
I drifted in and out
I’d like to think that
There’s still a soft side
Behind those icy words of yours
What does your act constitute anyway
That scrolded down to hinting games
You seemed to be getting so stressed
And it sound like
You are obssessed with it
But there’s nothing like
The peace of mind
I am my own person
For what and who i am
Not by any means suffer
A similar obssessed and fear like yours
As i feel sorry for you
I knew it all along
That there is definitely
Much more to life than
To play your game on trap.

Deeper Side Of Ourselves

To err is human
you and i
we hurt others
as much as others
hurt us
blatantly or inadvertently
and most of the time
we fail to see
what we have done wrong
we are so consumed by anger,
hate,disgust and resentment
and such negatively
that we can’t find room
in our own hearts
to apologise
to err is human
you and i
were struggling to let go
of hurt from within
from emotional bagage
to old wounds
and so we carry them
with us untill the day
we breath our last
expecting someone to say sorry
yet we can’t make
some allowances
and forgive ourselves
to err is human
you and i.


I hate to be blame for the things I didn’t do
I hate to hurt someone, especially you.
I hate to do this, but what else can I do?
If I know that I can never have you…

I hate to take blame on something other’s do
For I already had enough so much things to do.
I hate to leave you like this
So I hope my friend, you’ll forgive me with this.

Forgive me for I have hurt you
Please, forgive me for leaving you.
Most especially, forgive for I love you…
Because you love me, I can never blame you…


I’ve been loving you for so long
I’ve been dreaming of you all night long
I keep telling myself some other time
Maybe you will be mine

I keep asking myself why
Just because of this damn love I cry
And now I have to let you fly
Even if it means I’m going to die

I love you that’s true
I want to be with you yes I do
I want to feel being loved by you
But that’s just a dream that wont come true

Now my love it’s time to say goodbye
I promise you will never see me cry
But before I let you go
I just want to say I love you so..

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