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Sad Poems

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Sitting Alone

Why do I always have to sit alone?
My sadness is just like a damage in cyclone

Why does this sadness give me a fear
Like if I have lost someone very dear

Sitting alone and rocking on the chair
Is there someone who’ll show me a little care?

My sadness is just like if I had a fight
Everyone watching me standing alone under deep sunlight

Is there anyone who could see me cry?
This kind of life is just like a bheja fry

My Last Breath

Countdown begins, just left with 1 year
But still I’m totally glad coz your presence is here
But still I am very sad
Coz you’ll forget that a friend like me you ever had

I’m just left with 1 month
But I’m still happy I have your faith
But still I’m very curious
Coz no response from your side have made me curious

I’m just left with 1 week
I still have much things to seek
Would I be able to succeed?
Will you hold my hand when I’m in need?

I’m just left with 1 day
Nothing left except to pray
To make you understand my feelings in this last moment
But I’m sure it would be like the previous days that easily went

I’m just left with my last breath
The time is just beside my death
My tears just left inside that I can’t trace
As I just passed of without seeing your face

Empty Street

Walking on the empty street
walking with an empty minnd
met a person who was very kind
felt like i reached my destination
cos he was admiration
everyday became a source of inspiration
on a fine day somebody came
but she is not to be blame
it was from that day
i lost him in every way
Alas! he was gone
leaving me all alone
and i standing alone on my feet
in the lonely empty street……

I Doted On To Give

Reaching out to help
I doted on to give
To give more than
What i have and need
I doted on to give
And did the things i did
Never did i suspect
That my effort were not
Acknowledge and recognize
I doted on to give
Yet when it comes to my own
No one a helping hand
I doted on to give
You would say
That i expect too much
But you need to be in my shoes
To feel the void i face
And the denial of my sacrifice
Is difficult to take.


the nevers in life
are endless.
he wont ask me out
he still loves his ex
he has a girl
he just dumped me
he is popular
he dont like me
he wants to kill me…
for you theres only one…
“you hurt me so
bad and i have a
broken heart that
can never be
fixed again
and the scars of your
name carved into
every bit of skin i could”
ive had many
therepists but
theres only one
that i really want…

i died inside
when you pulled
me close to say
you loved
someone else..
and not me..
and no one
can ever see
me again
not even you
i am
locked away
trying to escape
insanity and
i dont belong..
and never have
and youll
never come save me
from hell and
the never ending shadows
killing me..
theres only
three words
ill never be
able to say to
you again…
“I love you.”

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