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Grandmother Poems

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My Grandmother

my grandmother she an angel
and she has a heart of gold
her love is like an angel
with wings on hold
my grandmother she is like a rainbow in the sky she takes all your tears away when your sad and when you cry.

An Angel Lost Her Wings

an angel lost her wings,
she fell from grace,
descending from the heavens
falling through space she
comes to mother earth.

she greets me with a
smile that eases all
my pain acid teardrops
fall from the clouds
like rain.

now i give myself to
you please take my
hand we could travel
together to a foreign
land, through huxley’s
door we travel just as
it was planned.

divine inspiration sent
forth by god, she is my muse without her
i have nothing she is the spark to my fuse that angel is my grandmother.

rest- n- peace grandmama i miss u so much.

Poem About Grandma

A baby cradled in your arms…
Teaching me your gentle charms.
Growing up with you by my side…
Learning from you never to lie.
To understand and not judge too…
Love and kindness I also learned from you.
Through the years you watched me grow…
Teaching me everything I’d need to know.
Listening to every word I’ve said…
And every word I’ve wrote you’ve read.
You’ve been there for me to the end…
Until the day for you, God did send.
Now you watch me from up above…
Shining down on me your heavenly love.
I will miss you with all my heart…
Thank you for being there from the start.

My Grandma

The way it smells when she cooks.
When you’re bad, the way she looks.
How she would do anything to help a friend.
The way she’ll stick by you until the end.
She’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.
Unless you get on her bad side, then you’re in for a treat.
The way she’ll cheer you up when you’re down.
And how she helps you to turn your frown.
The way she jokes and laughs with me,
Her soul so kind, so sweet, so free.
She inspires me in different ways everyday.
My grandma is wonderful in every way.

Grandma’s Touch Of Life

I hear people speak her name and sometimes when I hear it I feel quite ashamed
Not of you but of me because I can’t remember her happily
I never knew her and people don’t say what kind of things she did each day
People don’t talk to me about such
I think maybe it hurts too much
It hurts me more than most people know
And this is my way of trying to show
Show just how much I need to see
Just exactly how she would have acted towards me
So to everyone who reads this I just want to say
Please tell about my grandma someday
And I just want to tell you what I’ve been missing out on everyday
I bet she’s very sorry for not being here to watch me grow
But I’m the one who is sorry because she’s not here to know
I can’t talk to her, although I’ve got plenty to say
I can’t walk to her because she lives too far away
We can’t share secrets or teach me how to make a rug
She can’t hold me tight when I am in need of a hug
She can’t wipe away the tears that often fill my eyes
I wouldn’t even know her without a disguise
She can’t take the time because she’s got none left
She can’t yell at me when I wine because she can’t take a breath
She can’t hear me sing my little tune of sorrow
She can’t give me hope for a brighter tomorrow
But some how if I knew just who she was
Maybe I could feel the type of my grandmother’s love
Some how I feel you probably knew her well
So sometime can you share what of her you have of her too tell?
Some of us grandkids wonder but never dare to say
Because it might bring back memories of her that still hurt to this day
I just wish I had thoughts that even hurt so much
I just wanna try to feel the feel of her loving touch
So when your not busy or in a mad rush
And you think about your mother, please also think of us.

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