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Graduation Poems

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My School Days

Why do i always remember those days,
Why do i always remember those nights,
Coz they were the most precious days of my life.

D bunks we did together in those days,
D pranks we played together in those days,
D screaming of teachers in those days,
D racing and crashing of bikes in those days.

D partying and night outs in those days,
D crap cooking we did in those days,
D fighting for small things in those days,
D liking every third girl in those days,
I still remember those days,
Every second my heart calls back those days,
Coz i still remember my friends of those days,
I can never forget those precious days,
As they are my most charming school days.

My High School Reunion

Let us all think of thoughts once bloomed,
now shorn-
Yes, let us all play ‘make pretend’,
For yesteryear is now today,
We are at Woodward once again.
The halls are dark and eery-
As once they were before,
They lurk and stalk and on you bear-
You can hear them almost roar.
But a difference there is-
one that always should be kept in view
and not inside locked cars.
The animals when I was in Cincy were kept in a zoo,
But at Woodward they were in front of the bars.
And undoubtedly those fierce felines felt so much safer-
And grateful to have missed their too close call.
For talons are no match for sharpened razors-
And switchblades can thwart any old maw.
Yes, dear Woodward-where survival skills were honed every day
(As were many other honed skills) ,
And where mug-shots and mayhem were all of the rage-
And muggings overflowed its landfill
But there was a time when alone you were left-
So that you did not end up sorry and red.
But this happened only if you stood horizontal-
And Woodward’s future felons thought you already dead.
Woodward, my dear alma mater-
My high-school without any peer.
No orders given-
but you really oughta’ keep moving -
To stay healthy one should move fast outta’ there.
But that was what made it one nation-
No matter how others may talk.
For we had 100% graduation

8th Grade Graduation

A puzzle together
a puzzle apart
each piece belongs to my heart

each piece is differant
each piece is great
But now they have to take on the long expected fate

They knew it would come
the day was here
the day they dreaded at the beginning of the year

The day they would be pulled apart
the whole would be broken
they knew it from the start

A piece here
and a piece there
how could life be so unfair

The beautiful picture the puzzle protrayed
is now forgotten
the pieces have strayed

They went away
fell beneath the wooden table
the puzzle would never again be stable

But that puzzle is forever in my heart
the memories of each piece
will never fall apart

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