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A Thought?

I woke one mornin’ with a thought in my head
I’m sure it weren’t there when I went to bed
It stayed all day, it stayed all night
It’s really given me quite a fright!
I made some enquiries, I asked around
People just stared, some laughed or frowned
Where is it from this little bright spark
Wandering around, alone in the dark?
Somebody’s lost it, that’s for sure
I’ll go to a Doctor, he’ll know a cure
So off I trot, my thought and me
An appointment to make with my G.P
Next Friday’s the day, half past two
I hope to goodness he know’s what to do
I walked around for days on end
Getting quite used to my new found friend
Friday came round and off I went
To my Doctor, my thought to vent
“Sit down and tell me what’s on your mind”
(Such a nice bloke, patient and kind)
“’tis this thought I’ve been havin’, going round in my head -
I’ve had it there since I went to bed”
“It won’t go away, I think it is lost -
Can you help – how much will it cost?”
“I can help with your problem, my fee’s fifty pounds -
Now tell me my friend, does it make any sounds?”
“No sound does it make – fifty pounds is a lot!
but then it’s no problem ‘cos the thought I’ve forgot!!”

Me and my friend make a charging light

me and my friend make a charging light
we sell it at maximum price
it has bulp of green blue and white
which give us bright in dark night
day and night we think about that light
why we sell it in maximum price
me and my friend make a charging light
we see it at maximum price
now we realized that it is good light
why we sell it at maximum price
me and my friend make charging light

Computer Knows

As a programmer,I started creating my Girl,
Simple Smiley, hands with Bangles,Bindi on Forehead, long hair,
Oops! Computer displayed message.“Expired olden version, upgrade to Jeans”
Alas! Computer too knows.

Who the Man?

Gorgeous, good looking, handsome man with oozing sex appeal
Like to chat and talk a lot about life and love life
Everything he does comes out naturally
Not a chance for a dull moment with him
Naughty sometimes but you’ll know by heart his a good man…


Fun for me is being with you.
In every little thing you do;
Nice simple jokes we share;
Good memories are everywhere.
Every time you’re near, laughter is in the air.
Remembering you always for being a JOKER…

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