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Family Poems

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Did I Ever!

I have to ask cause
I often wonder did i ever
Did i ever just let you down
I thought i tried
Did the best i could
So much i’d do if i only would
I’d turn back time
Take the walk again
And do it right
But now it comes to night
Alone with the darkness closing in
I often wonder did i ever
Did i ever just let you down
Looking back on choices made
I see such foolish mistakes
Some you were blinded
Some you recognized
Some we both try to deny
But there are nonetheless
Though i would give my life
Do all i can to see you smile
And succeed i often wonder did i ever
Did i ever just let you down
Yes i know you are so kind
As you say no one
Could have done a better job
But i often wonder did i ever
Did i ever let you down.

My Parents

My parents are my gift from god
They are diamonds which sparkle always
They are my wealth which will make me rich
They are so special to me and they are my real god
Who loves me, cares me and provide me
Food, education and many other things
When I was standing unknowingly,
They showed me the path and light
When I was new to the surroundings
They taught me about the world, and
Showed me the places I didn’t expect in my life
They helped me to learn many unknown things.
Whenever I went wrong they corrected me
Whenever I done a mistake they made me comprehend
Whenever I cried they consoled me
Whenever I quarreled with someone they calmed me,
and asks me to apologize than to regret later.
Soon I learnt many things regarding relation from them
This made me realize that I am an important person
They told me that the world is waiting for me
They inspired me with many books to read
They grew courage in me to withstand many things
They encouraged me to achieve many things in my life
They made me feel I am special and precious to them
They helped me to created many new things
Their support was the syrup which gave me strength
Their caring is the secret behind every success in me.
These things made me love them more and more
Therefore I conclude by saying once again that
My parents are my gift from god

A One Familia

Your family is always around you
From the day you was born up till now
Your family is always there for you
In your sadness happiness ups and downs
They were the first people you met up with
And live with them in the same city or town
You are supposed to respect them
And always make them proud
Your family will never leave you
Especially when you feel sad
You will have many advices and rules from their experiences
And you will hear many, especially from your dad

Miss My Past

I never forget those school days
i always go with my best friend
holding her shoulder and chatting
with her is the best life forever
going to school with her was fast
coming back was more fun,specially
eating popsicale in summer time
or eating some little treats
we talk and laugh till we reach home
sometimes our teacher were very strict
sometimes sweet and funny
i come home and do my home work
eat my mom’s made food and sherbat
my sister help me with math and english
she made me smart and direct me on right path
sometime i play little games and bedminton
sometimes i go for a long walk with my street friend
we all sleep on the roof in the summer
we chat and fall asleep and sun wakesus up in morning
my sister makes breakfast with mom
i eat and go to college with my sister
we share and hear eachother
sometimes happy and sometimes unhappy
we both ride a bike and study
sometimes get good marks,sometimes less
but we never giveup hope
now those days pass and we all live for
no more sister makes me breakfast
no talk,no same old friends,no more
same life,they were past
and i miss my past
cause it was just wonderful


Only her smile let me know
That my life is going to bright
Only her hug let me forget
About my problems about my sorrow
Only her rules commends, and words
I should be careful to follow
She always give me confidence
she always remove my tears
She lets me think that tomorrow
There will be a new day and
All my problems will disappear!
She is my mom she is the reason
why I am here ,she is my mom
I want her always beside me

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